When must you apply for a character?

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When must you apply for a character?

Post by Mammas_Meatloaf on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:36 pm

When you need to apply

  • If your character exceeds the power of a basic humanoid, whether it be through physiology or capabilities.
  • If your equipment set exceeds that of basic clothing and/or tools.

Disclaimer: You do not need to apply for a character if you wish to own a building to produce business for the server's playerbase and economy, if it complies with the rules above; you may simply inquire with an administrator. However, be sure it does in fact fall in compliance with the statement prior and the rules above or you will be ignored.

Currently prohibited applications

  • Forcers of any category or affiliation.
  • Mandalorians possessing beskar'gam.
  • Firearms exceeding the classification of rifle. Do note, we have the right to ask you to modify your app if the blaster exceeds server balance or common sense.

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Re: When must you apply for a character?

Post by svadas on Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:40 pm

Shit, you're already outdoing me in post count.
I must up the manpower.
Up the effort.
Up the supply.


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